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In my world, you wouldn't say 'meow', you'd say 'Yes, miss Alice'. –Alice (Alice in Wonderland)


December Markets by bigheartedgirl
December Markets
The last month of the year I have had the best opportunities to be involved in a whole different culture, spending time in the mother land of simplicity. This photo was taken in the city of Hoi An, which is located in the middle of the elephant looking country, Vietnam. It was beautiful to see the bright colours of the houses which reflected so much of Vietnam, however the noises experienced in Ho Chi Minh City of motorbikes were long gone. The simplicity I had experienced here so far has made me think of what I would like to accomplish next year, being that I am more involved in my social life especially my family. It has been uplifting to see and know that many of the workers being happy and cheery with what they have, that it has made me realise the importance of being surrounded my family, friends and culture/religion.
Purple Hue Transition by bigheartedgirl
Purple Hue Transition
Eleven. November. What a crazy month it has been. Been slowly responding to my pen pals, feeling a bit lethargic and emotional unstable but when I can look back on previous captions, this one in particular, I can reassure that everything had been worth while. Struggles are real, emotions are hard to maintain, life gets in the way but when the sky is open and sunset strikes, life sure becomes a blur and I am able to take in the beauty of our planet. Although the light post is in the way, I guess it could symbolise myself or 'us' in comparison to the surrounding world and how we are so wrapped around our worries, which needless to say are not meaningless, where I kind of forget that there is so much more to look forward to, especially with beauty such as this. Being the last month of Spring, this photo encapsulates all that Spring had brought to the land down under, some days were bright and others were windy and mysterious. 
October's Light by bigheartedgirl
October's Light
Spring has come and the days are starting to become long as ever can be. The light is out later and it's great, especially for those like me who are too busy with work and can have a final chance with the sun at the end of the day! In saying that, this month was hectik in all shapes and forms. Having the final weeks of placements and finding mean values in life, having to do assessments due week after week, straining for a little bit of sleep, and having somewhat of a life crisis, this month has been one hectick journey. It can be summarised as 'in every corner there is always light', literally and metaphorically. So glad I was able to capture this sunset which can perfectly sum up this month. In saying this, i'm so grateful of the friends i have around me, i literally just spat out my problems saying what's the point of life if we're all going to go out. I remember telling my friend, who had the some problem that it was all about finding "happiness" and ironically, look who needed to find that out!
Well, for the next few weeks, imma enjoy the roller coaster that uni has to offer me and once exams are over, well freedom will be conquered!
It's been a long long time since I've had the time to self reflect on myself and I'm so glad that during these holidays of the past 3 weeks, I was able to genuinely reflect on who I am. I've never really consider of doing a self reflection, because i just never though I needed it, but it was just so good to question myself as an individual and who I really am! Not being too self centred, I slowly have discovered by true self but as of now, it's quite not fulfilling in the way I would like it to be. In saying that, I've only reconnected myself with my personalities and qualities that make me who I am. Spiritually, I'm still on a path if Christianity is what I 'need' because as of the interactions I have encountered, religion is so complicated that it needs plenty of time for me to either accept it. I know i have belief, but spiritually speaking I have no faith. Faith and Belief are two different things and it's kind of frustrating not doing anything about it. I'm just here saying 'I'll know when to talk to God'. That's all i have in my defence. When the time is right, I'll talk to Him. I'm spiritually disconnected but I'd like to reconnect soon.

Also, I've had the opportunity to have a psychologist talk to a group of youth members, including myself during my break. The session went on for approximately 45 minutes, in which she discussed what our 'personality indicator' meant. Mine was ENTJ. An Extraverted Thinking with Intuition. In the general description of what I am, it says 'ENTJs may need to work at taking feeling values into account. Relying so much on their logical approach, they may overlook feeling values... If feeling values are ignored too much, they may build up pressure and find expression in inappropriate ways... they may need to develop the art of appreciation.' I truly 100 per cent believe these words, even one of my closest friends told me. I was so frustrated at the end of this camp, which had held this session, that I did not want to continue with this youth group. Being around them this week, brought me to see how people's way of treating me does effect me emotionally. It has brought me to see that even when I try to speak up, that those words are not regarded and even when I am happy, I will get targeted down.

Considering how I act around anyone, in which my attitude is shown as not to care, I do actually genuinely care. I need to personally step up my game in how I approach life. I have been given so many opportunities with my first semester at uni and when the second one begins, I will conquer myself to become more logical in the way I speak. I have in somewhat accepted that I do love myself for who I am, but being someone who loves to learn, I just need motivation to keep up with my values and belief as an individual. I believe everyone, including myself deserves true happiness and if I can't be happy with myself and my surrounding, then the only person I'm pulling down is myself. 

So to all of those who are effected by the perception of others or how people don't show care and compassion to you... I say let yourself be happy first, move away from these people if you have to but just remember that you need to be happy with your surrounding and only you can make those decisions. You are the driver of your life and remember 'Life is a Story, make yours the bestseller'. (A quote I have given to all my friends on their birthday and now to you!)
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